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Part Monk and Part Monkey: balancing a holy purpose with the mess of real life

I think I’d make a fantastic monk, or whatever the female version of that is (maybe a monkette?). My life would be simple, I’d have few possessions to take care of, and I’d probably have some sort of meaningful hobby like beekeeping or gardening.  Something to keep my hands busy while I prayed.  I’d wear my little monkette uniform and not have to worry about superficial things like eyeliner or mascara.  There’d be some other monkettes hanging around our monastery, but they’d pretty much leave me alone to do my own meditation and whatnot.  Yep, the simplicity of it all would draw me closer to God and I’d gain wisdom and…

“Boys! Hands to yourself!”  I glance back in the rearview mirror just in time to see Boy #1 (let’s call him Thunder since he’s a booming presence) smack Boy #2 (let’s call him Lightning since he’s got a fiery temperament) right in the face with an open palm.

Thunder says back to me, “But Mommy, we are playing a fighting game!”

“Uh uh, no way” is my response. “You will upset your brother”, referring to Boy #3 (we can call him Wind since I got on this weather kick, and man that boy can toot!).  Wind is in a rear-facing car-seat watching his brothers’ every move.  “and besides,” I continue, “hitting isn’t kind.”

This is my real life. No quiet monastery for me.  No beekeeping hobby.  No fun little monkette uniform.  Instead I have messes.  Lots of them.  I have work to do, an exhausting amount.  I have stuff to deal with: just vague stuff that gets in the way of my dreams.  So I’ll get around to my holy pursuits one day.  In the meantime, finding the patience to deal with Thunder, Lightning, and Wind is a holy pursuit of its own.

Buuuuuut…maybe it’s the over-achiever in me, or maybe the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear…I think maybe I can fulfill a holy purpose for my life while dealing with the messiness of it.  Maybe I don’t need to be removed from everything in order to “be still and know that He is God”.  Maybe my mess is my ministry.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

Over the years I’ve realized that if my life were perfectly pristine I’d have very few (if any) people to relate to. Where is the ministry in that?  So I thank God for the hiccups, spills, and roadblocks because I can lean against a fence in my wrinkly monkette uniform and say, “hey Neighbor, maybe you will be encouraged with my story”.

“Dear Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for providing me with the strength to get through another messy day.  A teething baby with a fever, challenges at work, a husband who needs a better job, two “big” boys with their own set of issues, a disorganized house, etc.  It’s not always easy, but you redeem all things.  I can rest in the assurance that these circumstances will be used for your glory.  Thank you for giving me peace and patience in the midst of the chaos.  Please give me wisdom on how to juggle it all.  And let me minister to my peers and provide encouragement where I can.  For you have not designed us to go through life alone.  We can rely on one another and lift one another up in prayer.  We love you, Lord.  In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

2 thoughts on “Part Monk and Part Monkey: balancing a holy purpose with the mess of real life

    1. yeah…this was just a little window into the weird way I view the world! Haha I think sometimes the appeal of becoming a monkette is just the fact that I could have no one talk to me for 5 minutes. Or maybe even 15 minutes…one can dream!


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