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I am Overwhelmed

I think many people have a tendency to stop trying when they get overwhelmed.  It’s easier sometimes to do nothing at all, than to tackle a big project.  Or sometimes we choose to avoid what overwhelms us by filling our time with other things.  I frequently coach my children through huge piles of laundry, scattered… Continue reading I am Overwhelmed

“Lord, What Should I Do Today?” 7 of 7

Our final day of the challenge. In the video, let’s talk about how these different approaches to asking God what we should do each day can help us get in the habit of doing so!

“Lord, What Should I Do Today?” 2 of 7

In the video, I explain day 2 of this challenge: asking God to direct our prayers. When we ask God, “What would you have me pray today?”, we allow ourselves to see our prayer requests in a different light. We also open ourselves up to divine interruptions and new prayer requests.

“Lord, What Should I Do Today?” 1 of 7

In the video I explain why I want to embark on a 7 day challenge of asking God each day what He would have me do.  Each day I will explore that concept from a slightly different angle—hoping to develop practical habits to consider God’s will in all of my decision-making. Come along with me!

By This Kind of Hard Work

When I was a teenager my parents bought a minivan with a VHS tape player—it felt super high tech at the time.  One of my favorite memories in that van was a day when I was driving our family home from the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.  My dad was in the backseat, and to keep… Continue reading By This Kind of Hard Work

Not Knowing What to Say

The other day I texted one of my friends, who happens to be black, just to say “hi” and check in.  She’s one of my closest friends and we communicate multiple times a week, with seldom a week going by where we don’t see each other at least once.  She said she was “OK” and… Continue reading Not Knowing What to Say

Hungry for Righteousness

I get unsatisfied sometimes, with how things seem to be going in my life.  I want to be further along in certain lessons, I want to have accomplished more good things for God, I want to have been a better steward of my talents and resources, I want to see how my efforts have been… Continue reading Hungry for Righteousness

He Has Already Provided

Last September my family and I took a trip to Colorado for my brother’s wedding.  It was a big, long, and expensive (for us!) trip.  Earlier in the year, I put money aside from our tax return in order to pay for the trip.  However, while we were out there, I couldn’t help but get… Continue reading He Has Already Provided

Mournful Hope

There are bad things happening in the world right now.  And yet, since that fateful day in the Garden of Eden, there have always been bad things happening in the world.  We live in a world that has death and pain and disappointment.  We live in a world where circumstances often make us sad or… Continue reading Mournful Hope

The Value of A Lot

I don’t know about you, but I want to do big things for the Lord.  I feel called to serve and encourage others on His behalf.  I have grandiose visions of things that I could do—the impact I could make.  And yet…my constant reality always seems so much less significant than I want it to… Continue reading The Value of A Lot


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