Beatitudes · Poor in Spirit

W3: Poor in Spirit: Definition

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Matthew 5:3 At first, when reading the list of Beatitudes, it seems like Jesus repeats himself with Poor in Spirit and Meek.  The word “humble” is frequently applied to both, which seems appropriate.  However, if we look at the Greek words used, we…… Continue reading W3: Poor in Spirit: Definition

Beatitudes · Introduction

W2: Introduction: Identity & Wisdom in the Beatitudes

Part 1: Identity My name is Amy and I love coffee.  That’s a pretty accurate statement, since I drink coffee daily.  It is part of my routine, I enjoy it, and it is comforting to me.  But what if I said, “my name is Amy and I am a coffee lover”?  Or someone introduced me…… Continue reading W2: Introduction: Identity & Wisdom in the Beatitudes

Beatitudes · Introduction

W1: Introduction: Choosing the Beatitudes

Last summer, my son, Egan, was memorizing the Beatitudes as part of a school assignment.  Every day I would overhear him practicing in an almost rhythmic recitation—memorizing the sounds of the words together, rather than the words themselves.  For him, at age 8, the concepts (and even some of the words!) are foreign and difficult…… Continue reading W1: Introduction: Choosing the Beatitudes


Blog Expansion Update

Hi Friends!  I have some exciting news to share—2 things I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while.  The first is a hospitality-based ministry that I’ve been developing for several years now.  I’ve been working to encourage local women through hosting gatherings and facilitating Christian fellowship.  There have been many times I’ve been…… Continue reading Blog Expansion Update

Attainable Hospitality · Practical Tips

Tips for Maximizing Counter Space When Serving Food Hospitality isn’t about food. However, when having people over, there is a societal expectation of eating! Maybe you don’t think your home is good enough or big enough to serve people. Or maybe you want to start having more people than you have in the past. Instead of wishing for a bigger kitchen, let’s…… Continue reading Tips for Maximizing Counter Space When Serving Food