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“Lord, What Should I Do Today?” 1 of 7 In the video I explain why I want to embark on a 7 day challenge of asking God each day what He would have me do.  Each day I will explore that concept from a slightly different angle—hoping to develop practical habits to consider God’s will in all of my decision-making. Come along with…… Continue reading “Lord, What Should I Do Today?” 1 of 7

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W4: Poor in Spirit: Biblical Example

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Matthew 5:3 In perusing through Bible stories, I find more characters with prideful hearts than hearts that are Poor in Spirit.  David, because of his Psalms, comes quickly to mind as recognizing his utter dependence on God.  He continually cries out to God…… Continue reading W4: Poor in Spirit: Biblical Example

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Salvaging Hospitality in a Pandemic

My youngest son’s 2nd birthday is this week.  Normally I’d be in the middle of finalizing all the birthday party details, doing what cooking prep-work could be done, getting the proper groceries, making a pinata (if I had waited this long to make it!), etc.  But this morning my mother asked me what we are…… Continue reading Salvaging Hospitality in a Pandemic

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Living with Lemonade Instead of Lemons

Life is weird right now, isn’t it?!  Many of our routines have been upended and we are being forced to adapt to new habits.  And just as we are suddenly spending less time with certain people, we are forced to spend more time with others!  But this sudden quantity of time doesn’t necessarily mean quality. …… Continue reading Living with Lemonade Instead of Lemons