Women’s Conference

Virtual – Sunday evenings November 7 – December 5

Imagine a time where you can set aside the burdens and responsibilities of normal life, and trust that God will handle everything while you are gone.  Then, imagine teaming up with other Christian women to pray, worship, fellowship, and learn.  Imagine laughter, healthy tears, encouraging testimonies, and authentic friendships.  Imagine drawing closer to God, and then remaining in His presence even after the conference is over. 

Join us as we take time away from normal life and prioritize our spiritual life.  Together, we will learn how to turn the hunger pangs in our hearts into a hunger for Jesus himself.  Let us learn to appreciate God, as the perfect Gardener, who has graciously allowed us to be branches on the Vine that is Jesus. Let us learn how to be more fruitful and how to recognize the fruit we produce.  And let us learn to more deeply understand Jesus’ command to “remain” in Him.

The in-person conference has already been completed! However, not everyone has the opportunity to set aside a weekend, so we have the virtual one going, and the resources saved online for future viewing.

Introduction: Relationship, Roots, Remain

Section 1: Knowing the Gardener

Section 2: Bearing Fruit

Section 3: Remaining in Jesus

Conclusion: Already Clean, As, Ask




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Remain Conference