Women’s Conference – Virtual

The virtual conference will consist of a YouTube live (links sent via email to registered list), followed by the opportunity to participate in virtual small groups via Zoom.

NOTE: The YouTube live videos will be saved online for you to watch later. So even if you can’t join “live”, go ahead and register so you can go through the study at your convenience!

Workbook details: The book is available on Amazon. It has summaries of all the teaching sessions and also questions for reflection and growth.

Conference “Goody Bag” details: Some items to help you remember to “remain” in Jesus! Includes the workbook, an audio CD of John 14/15 Scripture readings, a silicone “remain in my love” bracelet, and any other small items we come up with!


7 pm CST

November 7: Introduction: Relationship, Roots, Remain

November 14: Section 1: Knowing the Gardener

November 21: Section 2: Bearing Fruit

November 28: Section 3: Remaining in Jesus

December 5: Conclusion: Already Clean, As, Ask