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Announcement: Women’s Conference!

Hi Friends! I’ve been silent on here for a couple of months, but that is because I’ve been working on some projects. One that I’m not going into details with today (spoiler-I’m having a book published!), but I do want to announce the other project I’ve put together recently: a conference!

A couple of months ago, I felt very strongly that the Lord wanted me to host a women’s conference. I said back to Him, “Sure, God! We can definitely do that in a couple of years!” But then I realized He was calling me to act in faith now, not years in the future. Day by day He has been helping me organize and put content together for this conference, so I’m excited to see how He will bless it!

The topic is “Remain”, and it will cover John 15:1-8. There is an in-person option, and a virtual option. If it sounds remotely appealing to you, check out the website I’ve put together which has all the details.

And, Friends, I must confess that there is a part of me that is nervous, because this takes me waaaaaay outside of my comfort zone. However, I am learning that God convicts us to obey, He does not pressure us to perform. So any performance pressure I’m feeling is man-made, not God-given. I have to keep surrendering the pressures to look good, sound good, and impress people; instead focusing on following my convictions to obey. The results of my obedience belong to God, and God alone. It is all for His glory and not mine.

So I encourage you, if God is convicting you to obey–do it! Don’t get bogged down under a pressure to perform, focus on simple and faithful obedience.

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