Blog Expansion Update

Hi Friends!  I have some exciting news to share—2 things I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while. 

The first is a hospitality-based ministry that I’ve been developing for several years now.  I’ve been working to encourage local women through hosting gatherings and facilitating Christian fellowship.  There have been many times I’ve been asked “how do you do it?” or “can you write about hospitality?”, so I’ve finally taken the hint and begun to put some hospitality insights together.  My prayer is that people will be inspired to be intentional about extending hospitality in the capacity that they are able—looking at the true purpose of hospitality instead of all the societal pressures. 

I’ve begun putting these resources on a page here on this website (www.lucywiththebrokensword.com/attainablehospitality) and will continue to add more information about the heart of hospitality, practical tips, and recipes/how to’s.

The second blog addition is a Beatitudes Bible study I’ve been writing this year.  It is a weekly devotional, with the intent to meditate on each Beatitude verse for 6 weeks.  Since we are right about halfway through this year, I thought it would be a good time to start posting these.  I’ll be posting these devotionals each week, on Mondays.  My prayer is that people will come to a closer relationship with the Lord as they seek to find the wisdom in Jesus’ teaching.

Each Beatitude is broken up into the follow six sections:

  1. Definition
  2. Biblical Example
  3. Stumbling Blocks
  4. Modern Example
  5. Challenge
  6. Conclusion

The basic structure of this year-long study is the following:

Weeks 1-2: Introduction

Weeks 3-8: Poor in Spirit

Weeks 9-14: Mourn

Weeks 15-20: Meek

Weeks 21-26: Hunger & Thirst

Weeks 27-32: Merciful

Weeks 33-38: Pure in Heart

Weeks 39-44: Peacemakers

Weeks 45-50: Persecuted

Weeks 51-52: Conclusion

The archives will be kept here: www.lucywiththebrokensword.com/beatitudes

I hope at least some of this content blesses you, as these lessons I’ve learned have blessed me!

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